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Why We Only Take Girls

There are many reasons why parents choose to send their children to a single-sex school.  Here at Badminton we specialise in educating girls.  We understand how girls best learn and we provide the emotional support that girls need to excel.

The strength of a girls’ only education is that there are no limitations.   In an environment where pupils are not judged on superficialities, especially gender, Badminton girls naturally assume that all options for the future are open to them.

Although girls work best in a single sex environment and there are many academic studies to support this, boys are certainly not excluded from a social and extra-curricular point of view.  We organise trips abroad, concerts and community events with local boys’ schools, but believe that in a work environment, girls do best when they are together.

The result is that Badminton girls achieve their goals and are confident of their ability.  We are proud of our former pupils who have achieved success in their chosen fields having been educated at Badminton; girls who can mix confidently with people from differing backgrounds and, above all, be themselves.

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