Badminton School

Amelia (Year 7)

I signed up for football, netball, hockey, cross-stitch and Maths club. The first time I visited Badminton School was last June when I came over from Abu Dhabi to sit my entrance test and have tour of the School. I had never been to school in the UK as I was 3 when I moved to the United Arab Emirates with my family.

I remember meeting my guide, a Year 11 pupil who was ever so nice and took great care of me. She took me to the classrooms where my favourite subjects are taught as well as to the dining hall, the Art studio and the swimming pool. The first teacher I met was Mrs Hughes, one of the Maths teachers who is also a Year 7 Form Tutor. She was friendly and told me what topic we would be doing in Maths and said that there were several other new girls joining Year 7.

I made friends quickly and feel like I have been at the School for years

When I started School last September, there were many things I couldn’t wait to join in with. For example, I had just found out that there were always great activities to do during our lunch times, so I signed up for football, netball, hockey, cross-stitch and Maths club. As soon as I met my form class, all the girls were friendly and welcoming to me and all the other new girls. I made friends quickly and I feel like I have been at the School for years. We had two trips in the first term, one to Mill on the Brue which was a team building one and a visit to Bristol waterfront as part of our Geography syllabus.

I have studied many subjects. So far, my favourites are Games, Art, Science and Chinese. Since I came to Badminton I have tried more subjects and I really enjoy them. For example, Latin, which is a really fun lesson as we get to perform funny plays, read about people’s lives and the stories that they were told thousands of years ago. I also enjoy English, we have just finished reading a book called Holes by Louis Sachar and now we are trying to fill in the missing bits of the story with our own stories.

It is really exciting going to Badminton School but if you are feeling tired or want some downtime there is always something or somewhere to get away from all the excitement. For example, I sometimes go to the cross-stitch club in the library and do some sewing after lunch or I read a book.

When I leave Badminton, I might go on to study a subject that I really enjoy now, like English or Art. Badminton has given me the chance to be independent and to be able to take on board new things that I have never tried before and to accept change as things don’t last forever.

There are plenty of things to see and do in Bristol, there are great walks to do, lovely cake shops to visit and plenty of sights to see like the Clifton Suspension Bridge. I have also joined a swimming team and I am competing often which I love. Bristol is a very different place to live compared to the places that I have lived before, but now that I have got to know it better I really like it and I know I will be very happy in this city.