Badminton School

Ayaka (Year 9)

My life at Badminton began a long time before I actually joined the School; my parents had been gathering information about schools in the UK since I was around three and Badminton happened to be one of them. At the time, I was living in New York City and was in pre-school.

Among the schools that my parents had chosen to look at, Badminton was by far the friendliest of them all and to my parents, Badminton was the ideal school for me.

In 2011, when I was in Year 4, I flew to Bristol with my parents to visit Badminton for the first time. I attended lessons with the Badminton girls as if I were a student at the School and enjoyed myself very much. It was exactly how I imagined it to be. All of the girls made me feel welcome and as if I had been at the School for years before.

All the girls made me feel welcome and as if I had been at the School for years before

I joined Badminton the following year when I was in Year 5. I was one of three new girls in a very small year group meaning that integrating was incredibly easy and I was able to make new friends very quickly. Coming from a large international school in a capital city, Badminton was very different to what I was used to, however, I quickly realised that the staff, pupils and teachers were immensely open-minded and caring to each individual girl. As Badminton is a relatively small school, the relationship between each girl and between the students and teachers is incredibly close, meaning that each girl receives enough attention in and out of lessons. Three lessons which I remember enjoying vividly in the Junior School are Science, English and Sport. I was particularly impressed by the fact that the Junior School was equipped with a KS3 standard science lab, this was completely different to my previous school where science was taught in a classroom. Each year at Badminton for girls in year three and above, a residential trip is arranged. During my first year at Badminton, we visited Slapton Leigh for two nights. This was a great experience as I got to do things which I had never done before such as rock bouldering and rock pooling.

After moving up to the Senior School in 2014, a lot of new subjects were introduced which I had never studied before. One of these subjects was Latin which is now one of my favourite subjects and GCSE options. Science is another subject which I have enjoyed throughout my time at Badminton, my love for it beginning in the Junior School labs and continuing into the Senior School. I’ve been given many opportunities by the School to participate in events and competitions such as the Maths challenge, the ‘Top of the Bench’ Chemistry competition and English Speaking Board examinations. One of my favourite things about each lesson at the school is that learning is not restricted only to the classroom. The teachers are always keen to answer any questions that we may have throughout the day. During my free time at Badminton, I attend a number of clubs and activities throughout the week. Drama club is one of my favourites as it allows me to continue to participate in Drama outside of the curriculum. In Year 8, I was also involved in Science and Advanced Maths Club where we studied topics which we would not normally study in the classroom to extend our knowledge. Many of my friends enjoy visiting the Fitness Centre during their free time to work on their strength and technique or visit the Library to sit quietly and read.

Badminton has really helped me to identify the
subjects which I enjoy and excel at

As I am still in Year 9, my goals for the future are still rather vague, however, Badminton has really helped me to identify the subjects which I enjoy and excel at whilst still allowing me to participate in a large variety of subjects. This will help me in the future to make informed decisions about what I choose to do in my life. Badminton has taught me always to be curious, always to ask questions and to learn from each experience no matter how seemingly insignificant. You never know when any information could come in handy!

Before joining Badminton, my family and I didn’t have any knowledge about the city of Bristol. Having lived here for around five years, I can safely say that it is a city with a great sense of community with many open-minded individuals with many ideas to share. Location-wise, it is within travelling distance to London making it easy for international students to get to Heathrow and Gatwick. I thoroughly enjoy each day I spend at Badminton, and hope to continue to study here until my time at school is over.