Badminton School

Scarlett (Year 9)

I knew by the end of the tour that this was somewhere I wanted to be

I joined Badminton in Year 7; the first occasion I came into the School was in Year 6 for an Open Day with my Dad.

I’ve remembered ever since how welcomed I felt when I visited that first time; from with the home made scones to the philosophical question asked by a Religious Studies teacher (which was “where do you come from?” This initially seemed simple however as the question developed it proved more confusing than first appeared!). I knew by the end of the tour that this was somewhere that I wanted to be. When I joined Badminton I didn’t know anybody, however on the first day I had made great friends with everyone! I know that this is something many people joining a new school worry about and I did too, but I can say from experience that at Badminton it is not a problem at all! For me a big aspect of life at Badminton is the whole sense of community. At many other schools in the Bristol area the gates close at four o’clock and will not open again until the morning, whereas at Badminton, the School is open all day and all night, which really makes us just like a real community. It is especially useful when I regularly forget my violin and can pop back to School on Saturday to get it!

I noticed that with Badminton being such a small school
all of the teachers get to know the students really well

One thing I particularly liked on the Open Day was the sense that all of the teachers were so engaged with their class and their learning. I noticed that with Badminton being such a small school all of the teachers get to know the students really well and take an interest in finding the best ways for them to nurture students to thrive within the School.

My first year at Badminton was really a year of finding my place within the School and trying out many new clubs, activities and lessons all of which I loved. I can remember in the first few weeks of Year 7 really enjoying the sense of freedom that the School provides you with. Having everything on campus provides us with an ability to try out as many new and exciting activities that we can think of! The new things that I started doing in my first year at Badminton included swimming clubs (such as early morning swimming at 6.30 a.m. to get you awake and ready for the day ahead!), orchestra, Art club, Science club, Drama club and Flying Start (this is where we split into teams and made a glider. My team actually won the Bristol regional round and went on to fly our glider at the national round under the Concorde! We won a fantastic trophy!). This year I have really enjoyed a mindfulness course, learning different techniques to manage a range of emotions in different circumstances by understanding how our brain works to make us feel different ways. The chocolate treats at the end of sessions also seem to do wonders for my brain!!

I have a very busy life!

At Badminton I can definitely say that we take pride in our learning and come out of each lesson having learnt something new.  During my first year I particularly loved the Science lessons. I really found that the teachers were knowledgeable and they could answer your question no matter how complicated! The practical experiments that we did really triggered a new side in my brain to think differently about things. Watching liquid nitrogen shows was amazing; especially when it turned into extremely delicious ice cream! I also love the diverse array of languages that Badminton has to offer from French and Spanish to Mandarin and Japanese. The School encourages us to continue pursuing any hobbies and talents that we may have brought to the School. I have a very busy life! I do at least twelve hours of dance each week, drama and music lessons all of which I really enjoy! Badminton has taught me to balance this with schoolwork and time well spent with friends, all of which are really important!

I have been lucky enough to perform with professional companies

I found as soon as I joined Badminton that the School took a particular interest in finding out what I enjoy doing outside School as well as within. I have always enjoyed drama and the performing arts, and the School really supported me in this and encouraged me with all of the incredible external experiences that I have had. This has been particularly important to me, as I have been lucky enough to perform with professional companies; television with the BBC and Samsung, performing on the Bristol Hippodrome in various touring musicals and productions and being a model for the Bristol Fashion week. Going to the House of Commons and Parliament to listen to Prime Minister’s Question Time was also a highlight for me. I was delighted to be granted a day off School and even managed to meet the Member of Parliament Charlotte Leslie (who wanted to hear about everything going on at her old school). On my return I prepared and presented a report about my day in London. The School is so supportive about anything I may want to try to do. I know that this is one thing I will always remember about Badminton and am truly grateful for every day.

Being at Badminton also gives the chance to get to know such a range of people from across the globe

Being at Badminton also gives the chance to get to know such a range of people from all across the globe. I have really enjoyed making new friends, having boarders home with me at exact times and always being able to talk to someone new about a different way of life. The School has also provided me with the chance to be interviewed by Tatler for their 2017 ‘Good Schools’ report, including a very delicious lunch! Being a Student Ambassador and a member of the School Council has been very rewarding and has allowed me to represent the school in various different ways.

I hope to continue the things that I love as grow up, particularly my interest in Drama and English, but I know that whatever I go on to do in life Badminton has provided me with the ability and confidence to do whatever is right for me. I have also learnt so many skills from taking the ESB (English Speaking Board) exams and performing within School (a few of my favourite roles were Gretel in the school production of the sound of music, Molly in Annie and one of the three witches in Macbeth). Other things I have really enjoyed include the musical concerts (especially the St George’s Concert, which is always an incredible event for the whole School) and, during Marquee Week, the Musical Cream Tea and Fairy Lites productions, in which we devised our own scripts!

I feel that Badminton really helps each girl to grow as an individual

One thing that Badminton has given me and that I will always carry with me is to be myself. I feel that Badminton really helps each girl to grow as an individual and be determined to succeed in whatever they do. The School enables me to be a respectful individual driven by my own passion and confidence to succeed.