Badminton School


The Thrive@Badminton Campaign will enable Badminton to be committed to providing exemplary facilities, integral to School life, so girls can develop their strengths individually and together. Not just physical strength but strength in communication, teamwork, competition and personal ambition. Extra-curricular activities unite the community and brings balance to the girls’ studies. Badminton girls will be fit, active and ready to embrace life – they will thrive.

Mrs Rebecca Tear, Headmistress

The first phase of the Thrive@Badminton campaign has raised a monumental total of over £835,000 as part of a £3.5m capital investment in improving facilities here at Badminton. 

Future plans for further developments and improvements to facilities are in progress and will enable the School and its community to continue to thrive.

The exciting first phase has been the addition of a new Sports Centre at the entrance to the School site. We took over ownership of the wonderful building in September and it has already become an integral part of the School's facilities.

Your generosity so far has been critical to continuing success. The impact of your support will be:

  • Exemplary facilities for the girls and the local community
  • The opportunity to host more local and national competitions
  • Over 100% increase in hours on extra-curricular, training and match provision
  • The creation of new sporting partnerships with local community clubs.

To Play your part visit our Ways To Support Page or– contact or call + 44 (0) 117 905 5200