Badminton School

Making A Bequest

One of the most personal ways of supporting Badminton is through leaving a legacy.

Making a bequest in a will is a tax efficient method of giving, as it is free of inheritance tax and can greatly benefit the process of estate planning.

There are several ways in which a legacy donation can be made when writing or amending your will. We can advise and discuss options with you but strongly urge you also to seek independent advice.

If you have included or wish to include Badminton in your will, we would welcome the opportunity to thank those who are making a financial contribution towards the future of the girls here at Badminton.

Such gifts secure the future of the School and sustain the values that have shaped the lives of Alumnae. If you’d like to discuss the opportunity to make such a considered gift please contact Mrs Tear, Headmistress, or telephone +44 (0) 117 905 5200