Badminton School

St Monica’s Trust

Badminton School warmly invites members of St Monica’s Trust to join our community events. A programme of opportunities have been created to provide a mix of Creative, Cultural and Educational activities and events that we offer members of St Monica’s Trust to attend.

Creative Opportunities

‘You draw me I draw you’

Come along and engage with our Sixth Form pupils in a two session figure drawing workshop.

As you draw each other you can enjoy a cup of tea and conversation. In addititon to providing valuable support to your Sixth Form partner’s art portfolio.

The sessions will take place at Badminton School on Wednesday 20th and 27th March between 10:30 and 12:00. There is no charge for the event. Maximum of 7 spaces.

Cultural Opportunities

Informal concerts

A separate programme of informal concerts will be available for residents to attend. Further information will follow.

Educational Opportunities

Bristol Classical Association Programme 2018-2019

Spring Term: 27th February 2019

Jeremy Paterson (formerly Senior Lecturer in Ancient History, Newcastle University) will speak on "Sicily – other people's island" 

Mr Jeremy Paterson studied at Exeter College, Oxford, and then was a Craven Fellow at Oxford and at the British School at Rome, where he researched the Roman wine trade. For nearly forty years he lectured on Ancient History at Newcastle University, where he was also Dean of Arts. While principally a social and economic historian, his research interests and publications have covered from Cicero to Early Christianity. He is currently the chair of the Minimus Project, which over the last decade has successfully introduced Latin to primary school pupils. He has travelled extensively in the classical world and is in demand as a lecturer and guide in the regions of the Mediterranean.

All meetings are currently scheduled to take place at Badminton School, at the Peace Memorial Hall. Refreshments available from 6.30 pm. Talks start at 7.00 pm

Lecture Series

At Badminton we are committed to enriching our students with awareness of the wider world that they can expect when they leave our school. We are therefore fortunate enough to attract some incredibly exciting and insightful speakers of numerous disciplines and professions to come and talk to us. These audiences are particularly applicable to students in the Sixth Form, but we do try to accommodate talks for younger ages as often as is possible. We hope that you will be equally enthused to attend these events, and of course participate in the healthy debates they generate if you so desire. 

Thursday 7th February 4:30-5:30pm in the Peace Memorial Hall (PMH) – Chief Engineer of Clifton Suspension Bridge

Trisha Johnson is the Chief Engineer of the Clifton Suspension Bridge Trust. She is the first female lead in the maintenance of this bridge, one of the most iconic and important cultural sites in Bristol and the wider industrial revolution. Having previously been the CE of the Severn Bridge, Trisha has been in her new role for the last three years. She provided a similar to talk to our students last year, when she deftly explained the intricate and fascinating procedures put in place to maintain the bridge.