Badminton School


Throughout the Senior School, there is a strong emphasis on the world beyond School.

In June of Year 11, students embark on their first work experience placement or internship. In a climate of competition for university courses and careers, internships and work experience help girls gain valuable experience and, above all, a sense of what they might like to do.

Girls often go on to organise additional internships in the UK and beyond, and our Director of Higher Education & Professional Guidance and the Pastoral Heads all offer support, from making initial contact with organisations to planning travel. We hold biennial Opportunities Fair, a biennial Careers Fair (both of which are also open to the public) and an annual Skills for Professional Life Conference so that girls can make the link between their internships and the exciting reality of their future opportunities.  

All of this means that girls at Badminton go into the world armed with confidence, experience and a sense of where they want to take themselves next.