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Scholarships, Awards & Bursaries


Scholarships and Exhibitions worth either 5% or 10% remission on fees are available and awarded to girls with particular talents entering Junior School in Years 5 or 6, or the Senior School in Years 7, 9 and Lower Sixth and are taken at the same time as the entrance exams. 

The following scholarships are available:

Scholarship and Awards Prospectus

Scholarship applications should be sent to our Admissions Department on


Badminton also offers means tested bursaries for external candidates.  These can be applied for on top of a scholarship or separately. Download a copy of our Bursary Application Form or contact our Bursary Team for any further information.

Check our Awards and Bursaries policy

Additional Awards

The Sixth Form Day Girl Award

We are delighted to offer applicants from Bristol and the surrounding areas who are applying from state secondary schools into Badminton Sixth Form, as a Day Girl, the opportunity of an award. This award will be given to students whose application and entrance assessments indicate that they would benefit from the opportunities at Badminton. There are 5 awards available and each award is worth up to 25% remission on School fees. Families are also welcome to apply for additional bursarial funding.

Further information and how to apply

The South West Regional Award

The South West Regional Award is a Headmistress’s discretionary award and may be awarded to girls who attend a school in the UK and live in the South West or Wales regions. There are two awards; one for the Junior School and one in the Senior School.

They are both typically worth 20% and occasionally up to 30% remission of day/boarding fees. The Senior award will usually be offered to a girl joining Year 9, but in exceptional circumstances may be awarded to an entrant at another stage. 

These awards are available to Boarders and Day pupils alike. As with all awards, applicants must register for Badminton School’s standard assessment process to be considered for this award and complete the application form that is embedded in the Scholarship application forms above. Other awards may be available from time to time and the School will publish details of these as appropriate in response to enquiries.

For any of our policies regarding Awards and Bursaries please download our related Policy