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Badminton School Bursary Fund

A message from our former Chair of Governors, Mr Bill Ray.

Since the School began in 1858, Badminton has always provided deserved pupils with bursarial support, believing that the gift of a Badminton School education is the most valuable and far-reaching that a girl could receive. It embeds the ‘Badminton difference’ to enable girls to achieve remarkable things.

Making the Badminton Difference

We believe in providing an education that truly transforms pupils who come here; and that their experience at Badminton can have a huge influence on their future. Our educational environment can unlock unique talents and potential in our pupils. Badminton has always welcomed families in need of assistance towards the fees; this has defined the school’s character as rooted in the local community and always with an ethos of inclusivity. 

The Badminton School Bursary Fund enables deserved pupils to come to Badminton who might not otherwise be able to study here and the impact of a Badminton School Bursary can last a lifetime. We aspire to give as many girls as possible access to our educational provisions, our subject expertise, to our resources, our facilities and our unique global network. In addition to a broad education and extra-curricular opportunity, Badminton provides a foundation for university and careers within a framework of inspirational alumnae and peers for life.

Many of our pupils currently receive financial assistance from The Badminton School Bursary Fund. We are indebted to the many donors from our community who, at all levels, have helped support them. It is our belief, that, as a charity, we must continue to assist young women to obtain access to the benefit of a Badminton education and help them to thrive both academically and holistically.  As a charity, we pride ourselves in providing subsidised places for children from families who are unable meet the cost of an independent education.

We hope that you may be able to support The Badminton School Bursary Fund so that we may continue to offer more bursaries to generations of girls to come.

Mr. Bill Ray 
Former Chair of Governors

A message from our Headmistress, Mrs Miles

Many years ago, the School established the Sanderson Bursary Fund, named after Mrs Sanderson, Headmistress from 1947 to 1966 to assist families with obtaining a Badminton education. Badminton now plans to broaden this tradition with The Badminton School Bursary Fund, which will enable merited pupils to study at Badminton who might not otherwise be able to come here.  We provide the opportunity of a life-changing education; our bursaries are awarded to pupils with outstanding potential to thrive with the opportunity of what the ‘Badminton difference’ can provide. We have always welcomed girls who have the potential to thrive but whose situation does not permit an independent education.

We rely on the extraordinary generosity of our donors to support our bursary funds both presently and in the hope to uphold our future commitments. We endeavour to support as many children as possible in their academic journey.

We appreciate that giving large one-off donations is often beyond many people’s means, but giving small amounts of money on a regular basis can be easier and, for the purposes of sustainable funding, be more productive. Badmintonians have always had a tradition of philanthropy, which we wish to extend to making provision for those girls who might not, as a matter of course, be able to experience a Badminton education.

We do hope you will feel able to give generously to support The Badminton School Bursary Fund for future generations to enjoy the benefits of a Badminton School education.

Jessica Miles


If you would like to support the Badminton School Bursary Fund, please get in touch with our Development Manager, Mrs Siobhan Brown. 

Email: [email protected]
Phone: +44 (0) 117 9055 202