Badminton School

Pastoral Care

The happiness and welfare of the girls is paramount to everyone at Badminton. The key to our pastoral care is the size of the School and the emphasis we place on knowing each other well.

We believe that for children to learn effectively, they need to feel secure and comfortable, and we make sure that girls know that there are adults they can turn to and that any concerns are dealt with quickly and effectively.

In the Acorns classes in Years 1 and 2, children are taught and cared for by their Class Teacher who is the first point of contact for the girls and also for parents.

From Year 4, girls are taught in their Year Groups so that they get the specialist input they need, but each girl is also a member of a vertically grouped Form, which means that Forms contain girls from a combination of Years 4, 5 and 6. Vertical grouping enables girls to widen their friendships by mixing with girls of different ages.

Forms meet for registration at the beginning and end of the day, and they also organise their own assemblies once a Term. Each pupil has a Form Tutor who acts as the first point of contact for children and their parents.  

  • Our structures and ethos help girls develop maturity and flexibility so that they can learn how to make friends and how to be a good friend.
  • We use ‘circle time’, where girls and staff sit down together on an equal basis, to encourage girls to share their thoughts and listen to the ideas of others.
  • We find that this is a space in which girls feel comfortable airing any worries and supporting one another.

Working Together – the House System and the Community

Our House system provides the girls with the opportunity to extend their friendship groups and to enjoy the camaraderie which comes from being part of a team. All pupils are allocated to one of four Houses on entry to the School and they remain in that House throughout the Prep School. Houses compete against each other throughout the year including on Sports Day and at the School Eisteddfod.

We also believe it is important that every child feels part of the wider community, both in School and outside it. Learning about wider social responsibilities might take the form of fundraising for charities like the local children’s hospice and children are encouraged to nominate other charities they wish to support. We have held many events to raise funds, including our St Nicholas’ Fair, Mufti days, Children in Need, Wrong Trousers Day and Red Nose Day. We also encourage the girls to organise their own charity events which have a particular relevance to them.