Badminton School

The Curriculum

All of our subjects are taught by specialists, and we place a lot of emphasis on cross-curricular planning so that pupils quickly make links between subjects. Numeracy and Literacy are at the heart of the curriculum, with streaming in Mathematics but mixed groups in all other subjects.

Geography, Science and History focus on how the world works, and we have designed our languages taster programme so that girls study a different language in every year, giving them a broad understanding of the way that languages work. They start with French in Year 3, followed by Latin, German and Spanish in successive years. Each language is taught by specialist teachers from the Senior School.

At Badminton there is always scope to try something new, to go off the beaten track, to explore your own ideas and be creative, it is simply part of the culture of the School

Dr Bishop, Prep School Teacher

ICT lessons happen weekly, covering core skills and encouraging girls to use ICT in other subjects. Art and Design Technology are taught in purpose-built classrooms and we make sure that girls have opportunities throughout the year to exhibit their work.

In Music, specialist instrumental lessons begin in the Acorns and continue right through to Year 6. Singing is especially important to us here and all pupils at the Prep School enjoy choir practice and hymn practice once a week. Games and PE lessons include swimming, netball, hockey, tennis, gymnastics and dance and take place on site each day, taking advantage of the excellent facilities shared with the Senior School.

Academic Performance

The majority of pupils perform at or above the expected level in Maths and English with most pupils exceeding expectations. 

  • By the end of the Reception Year 2021-2022:
    100% of pupils were secure in the EYFS goals of: Communication and Language, Personal Social Emotional Development, Physical Development, Literacy, Understanding the World and Expressive Art and Design.
    89% of pupils were secure and 11% were mastering the EYFS goals for mathematics.
  • Year 3&4  - 90% met or exceeded their reading ages, 90% met or exceeded their Maths age.
  • Year 5&6 – 85% met or exceeded their reading age,  66% met or exceeded their Maths age.
  • CAT testing in Year 4 reveals that the majority of pupils perform at, or above the expected level in verbal, non-verbal, quantitative and spatial abilities.