Badminton School

Welcome to the Senior School

The Senior School at Badminton is when girls develop their talents and begin intensive study at the highest levels.

Badminton has an outstanding record of achievement at GCSE. In 2016, 76% of all grades achieved by Year 11 in their GCSEs were A*/A, with 48% receiving an A*, giving us a ranking of 63rd in the UK in the Telegraph’s league tables for independent school GCSE performance (the highest position of any independent school in Bristol).

We don’t compete in a negative way or hide our marks
from one another – we’re in it together, and that’s a good feeling

Natalia, Year 9

We make sure girls are ready for examinations, but we don’t test and test. Small class sizes mean we can really see how girls are getting on and we tailor our teaching to their needs and interests. The girls are competitive, but they compete with themselves as much as with each other. They’re rightly proud of their success, and they see this as a product of the support they receive from staff and, crucially, from one another.

Exam Results 2015-2018