Badminton School

At Badminton, we want all pupils to develop curiosity, interest and enjoyment in Drama.

Mr Chilcott, Head of Drama

We ensure that girls are active participants as performers and creators of Drama. We encourage the girls to work with specialist staff who can guide them as to how to produce and organise performances. We stage a Whole School production each year with recent highlights including Sweet Charity, Daisy Pulls it Off and My Fair Lady. We also stage a Year 7 Musical in the Summer Term as part of the end of year celebrations. We also encourage smaller performances throughout the year from the co-curricular clubs and our examination pupils.

In Year 7 - 9, Drama is taught once a week in curriculum lessons. In Year 7, we explore how we can tell a story and the many ways to convey a narrative on stage. In Year 8, we look at different genres of performance and travel around the globe to explore World Theatre. In Year 9, we have a broader focus, looking at everything from civil rights, to the use of masks. There are weekly Drama Clubs for each Year Group where girls look in-depth at dramatic styles and techniques and put together scripts and plays for performance.


Our GCSE course starts with two Terms of study of influential practitioners such as Stanislavski, Brecht, Artaud and Boal as part of a wider study of the language of drama (both practical and written).

Inspiration comes from many stimuli, including song lyrics, paintings, novels and props. The assessments take place in Year 11 and include a devised practical piece and written evaluation, a practical, scripted performance and a written examination. Throughout the course, pupils keep a journal of their practical work and their reflections.

A Level

A Level Drama & Theatre Studies lets pupils perform, direct, discuss, analyse and evaluate as practitioners in their own right.  In the first year of the course, we build on existing skills and participate in practice assessments.  

In the second year, we devise a practical piece inspired by a stimulus and influenced by a theatrical style, followed by a scripted practical performance.  The written examination focuses on two set texts from the perspective of an actor, designer, or director.

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A note to parents about photography and recording at School performances

Photos may be taken and short video recordings made on the understanding that this is for personal use only. Parents are asked to ensure that any photography or recording is carried out in an unobtrusive manner which does not distract the performers or other members of the audience. Parents are reminded that they should be sensitive to concerns and risks relating to the posting of images or video on social media. In particular, they are asked to be mindful of the concerns of many parents about digital privacy.

Photos or videos taken for personal use are exempt from the Data Protection Act. Any photos taken for official School use are governed by the provisions of the Act and also by the written agreement between the School and parents. The same applies to video recording of the event.