Badminton School

Pastoral Care

It’s ok to ask for help; your Form Tutor is your first point of call for academic and pastoral advice and always makes time for you

                                Mollie, Upper Sixth

In the Sixth Form girls gain a new level of control over their routines and their lives. This independence is underpinned by bespoke care and guidance as staff take on a coaching and mentoring role, offering advice, support and, when needed, a safety net. We have an on-site health centre, which includes access to professional counsellors. We also offer a peer mentoring programme.  

Each girl is set up to succeed. Girls support each other through the rigours of the Sixth Form and they also relax together. Girls often pop back to the Sixth Form Centre during the day to tell us about what they have been doing, from passing a driving test to finishing a project. And sometimes, they just want to offer pastoral care to us by letting us taste test the cake they’ve just made!

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