Badminton School

Modern Languages

Languages are greatly valued at Badminton and we have a strong tradition of girls studying several languages to GCSE and beyond, often studying a foreign language in a foreign language!

We have several native speakers in the department and the target language is used as often as possible in lessons.

From September 2023, all girls in Year 7 will get the chance to study French, German, Spanish and Chinese for a period of time before making the choices of which languages they wish to continue with throughout Year 8 and 9.

Latin will be part of this option process - Latin is taught to all pupils throughout Year 7.

For those joining in Year 9 with no language background, there is usually the option of a beginners’ language. Bilingual pupils may take GCSE in Year 9.

Many girls also have optional private tuition in languages such as Japanese and Chinese and the department has several clubs running throughout the week. A popular event in languages is the  UK Languages Olympiad. The department is supported by Foreign Language Assistants in all four languages and there are opportunities to take part in Homestay visits to Spain and France and a Senior School trip to Berlin.


All pupils are expected to study a modern language at GCSE and many choose to continue with two. We follow the Edexcel IGCSE curriculum in French, German, and Spanish.and GCSE Edexcel for Chinese. This allows pupils to develop their ability to understand the spoken language in a range of contexts and styles, and to read and respond to different types of language as well as communicating effectively both orally and in writing. Pupils will be supported in all languages by a Foreign Language Assistant.

A Level

The Edexcel A Level curriculum builds on the foundation of skills learnt at IGCSE. Pupils develop their language skills by working on topics such changing family structures, the impact of tourism and immigration and multiculturalism in society. There is also the opportunity to study a book and a film and to complete an Independent Research Project. A good number of girls go on to study Modern Languages at University, often in combination with other subjects, and those who pursue other degrees find that their opportunities for work and travel are greatly enhanced by their study of languages at Badminton.

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