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Psychology is a relatively new discipline and overlaps with many areas of Biology and Medicine, focusing on the scientific study of the mind and behaviour.

A Level

Our A Level Psychology course suits those with a curious and critical mind.

We offer an exciting mixture of debate, discussion, lectures, group work and practical work. The course looks at the ways that Psychologists observe and conduct experiments to investigate how people think, feel, act and interact. We study how these findings are then applied in fields including mental health, forensics, education, business, research and sport. Advances in neuroimaging techniques, for example, are enabling neuropsychologists to answer questions about the nature of consciousness, perception and the emotions. Understanding these questions and the emerging answers to them allows us to go some way towards appreciating the complexities of the human mind, which is often thought of as the ultimate unexplored frontier.

Studying Psychology gives students the opportunity to develop skills of analysis, interpretation, evaluation and perception and teaches them how to apply those skills effectively. As such, it is a subject which is well received by both universities and employers.