Badminton School

Ways To Support

Your support is fundamental to our success in moving forward with our plans for enhancing the facilities and opportunities available to every girl at Badminton School as part of our international community.

We can accept payment in a number of ways and we welcome all donations whatever the size.

Your gift could help fund a bursary or scholarship place for a worthy student. It could have a lasting impact to honour a loved one for future generations, or help provide enhancements to our inspirational teaching and current facilities.

Whatever the level of the gift or your commitment please know that it will make a lasting difference to the lives of our pupils both today and tomorrow.

The Development Office will ensure that the highest standards of conduct apply to the recognition of our donors. We value the ability to inform donors where their gifts have made a difference, but we respect without question a donor’s right to anonymity.

For further information, please email Mrs Siobhan Brown, Development Manager.