Badminton School

Dance is an exciting addition to Badminton's curriculum; it is encouraging to see the girls performing and sharing their creative ideas.

Mrs Lewarne, Teacher of Dance

Dance was introduced for GCSE in September 2018 and the option to study A Level Dance from September 2020. A weekly Dance Club is held which covers a variety of genres. All girls are involved in the annual House Dance competition which is held in the Autumn Term.


GCSE Dance is a stimulating course taken over two years. Pupils will have the opportunity to study and analyse a diverse range of professional dance works as well as experimenting with their own choreography. Technical and performing skills are also studied and developed throughout the course. GCSE Dance is suitable for pupils who have experience and a passion for dance.

A Level

The A Level course allows pupils to explore creatively through developing their own group choreography as well as challenging technique and performance skills via presentation of a solo and a group dance. Pupils will critically engage with areas of study such as the Romantic Ballet period and American Jazz. The works of choreographers Christopher Bruce and Martha Graham, for example, will be investigated both practically and theoretically throughout the two year course.