Badminton School

Casson Library Refurbishment

Supported by the 'Bookmark Her Future' Campaign

In the Summer of  2019, we were delighted to launch the 'Bookmark Her Future' campaign at Celebrating Badminton Day in support of the refurbishment of our much-loved Casson Library.

This iconic building, designed over 50 years ago in 1968 by Sir Hugh Casson, was in need of a sympathetic renovation which would create a pupil-centric interior to support the ever emerging 'bring your own device' learning style. The School invested £200,000 to modernise the library into a more befitting space which would inspire and support modern learning for our girls and  their transition to university, whilst housing almost 16,000 books and retaining a focus on reading for pleasure.

We give sincere thanks for the many girls and their parents, members of staff and our Alumnae who donated generously to support this project. 

Many of our donors selected their favourite book to have 'named and framed' whilst others 'sponsored a space'. Collectively, we received over £45,000 of support from our community which made a significant contribution to the restoration of The Casson Library and for which we remain extremely grateful.