Badminton School

Whatever your passion for the world, whether it’s a fascination with landscapes or concerns about inequality, Geography is relevant and interesting 

Ms Morgan, Teacher of Geography

At Badminton, we study every aspect of Geography, from climate change to migration, from environmental degradation to social cohesion. We have a particular interest in Geographical Information Systems (GIS) and how they let us visualise, analyse and interpret data in all areas.

In the Lower School, our curriculum gives us the freedom to range widely, both in terms of topics and on field trips! We look at the Geography of Crime, Amazing Places and Superpower Geographies as well as Tectonics and Coasts. We encourage girls to use GIS, especially to create wonderful visual representations.


The GCSE course is a good blend of traditional and modern Geography. Physical and Human Geography are both studied. Girls work on broader enquiry questions to develop their research skills and have the opportunity to complete two days of fieldwork.  

A Level

At A Level, the focus is on the study of the people, places and environments of our world. We look at the processes by which these are changing, both locally and globally, and we study sustainability and the management and mismanagement of the environment. Topics include:

  • Dynamic Landscapes
  • Dynamic Places
  • Physical Systems and Sustainability
  • Human Systems and Geopolitics

An independent investigation allows girls to build on their interests and develop their analytical skills.