Badminton School

Pastoral Care

The most important way that we look after one another here is by looking out for one another.

There are clear formal welfare structures at Badminton: Form Tutors see every girl individually, and Pastoral Heads join Subject Staff and either the Head of Lower School or the Head of Middle School to offer guidance and advice. We have an on-site Health Centre which includes the opportunity to chat to professional counsellors, and we also run an active Peer Mentoring Programme.

Support for those with particular needs is excellent.

We have a dedicated department for those with Special Educational Needs and we offer flexible support so that every girl at Badminton benefits from a bespoke education. For those who come to us with English as their second language, we offer additional support in English language teaching so that girls can integrate quickly and make the most of all the opportunities here.  

Alongside all of this, the size and supportive atmosphere at Badminton mean that issues are likely to be picked up and can be dealt with sensitively before problems develop. Girls are also happy to talk to one another, both in their own Year Group and outside it. Our vertical House system, where Houses include girls from across different Year Groups, mean that girls know each other well enough so that a Year 9 girls feels confident asking girls in Years 10 and 11 for advice about GCSE choices.