Badminton School

I was at Badminton from 2007 to 2016. I joined Badminton School in Year 5 at the age of nine. I relished all the opportunities presented to me and successfully obtained 9 A*s and 1 A at GSCE. I then went on to study Maths, English and Music at A Level and have since graduated from the University of Manchester with a degree in Music.

At Badminton School I was able to devote my time to a number of extra-curricular activities which I enjoyed immensely such as Science Outreach, Gabblers Society and the School Orchestra. I kept up with the Piano and the Violin (reached Grade 8 in both by Sixth Form) as well as began learning the Harp and carrying out voluntary work with the Avon Gorge Wildlife Trust.

Before leaving at the end of the Upper Sixth, I had the great opportunity to perform a movement from Mozart’s piano concerto K488 with the School Orchestra.

I am very grateful to The Badminton School Bursary Fund for giving me the chance to achieve all of this and making my time at Badminton so successful and enriching.