Badminton School

Food & Nutrition

The study of Food and Nutrition at Badminton aims to stimulate a lifelong interest in and enjoyment of food and also to provide a basis for further academic study.

As well as developing skills for the preparation of healthy food, we look at the wider social, cultural and environmental issues relating to food provision. The study of food from different cultures is also important to us, allowing the girls to become discerning consumers as well as learning about different techniques of food preparation.

In Year 9, lessons begin with an understanding of food safety and hygiene and look at the application of nutritional knowledge and experience in a range of methods of food preparation. By the end of the year students confidently produce meals for themselves and others. Cookery clubs are offered across the Lower School to foster an enjoyment of working with food and to increase girls’ experience and confidence.


At GCSE we follow the OCR Food Preparation and Nutrition curriculum which equips girls with the knowledge, understanding and skills required to cook and apply the principles of food science, nutrition and healthy eating. Girls look at the huge challenges that we face globally to supply the world with nutritious and safe food. The curriculum encourages informed decisions about a wide range of further learning, opportunities and career pathways as well as the development of life skills that enable learners to feed themselves and others affordable, now and in later life.

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