Badminton School

Latin and Ancient Greek are sometimes dismissed as ‘dead languages,’ but at Badminton, they are very much alive!

The Department sparks interest in the ancient world and its languages through intellectual discussion, dramatic dialogue and translation practice. Co-curricular activities range from climbing the slopes of Vesuvius on trips to Italy to reading the myths of Ovid in Classical Literature Club. Latin is taught from Year 7 - Upper Sixth, with pupils gaining GCSE and A Level qualifications. Ancient Greek is offered as a GCSE and Classical Civilisation as an AS Level to pupils in the Sixth Form.

At Badminton I feel privileged to be surrounded by girls who are
open-minded, bright and inquisitive.

Ms McNee, Head of Classics

All pupils in Years 7-9 study Latin. We follow the Cambridge Latin Course using its textbook and its accompanying online program to explore the life of a central character, Quintus. Girls translate stories and build a strong understanding of how the language works. They also study broader topics about the Roman world, supported by trips to the Romano-British towns of Cirencester and Caerleon.


At GCSE we follow the OCR curriculum, which is divided half and half between Language and Literature. Pupils extend and deepen their linguistic understanding and explore ancient texts in the original Latin.

Outside lessons, Ancient Greek Club and Latin Literature Club are very popular. We are also fortunate to have speakers visiting from leading universities and there are also trips to Roman sites in Britain.

A Level

Pupils can opt to study Latin at AS and A Level. The A Level course, like GCSE, comprises both language and literature. Enrichment is provided through entry in Oxbridge essay competitions and the national ‘CICERO’ competition which includes cultural and translation tasks, and there are trips to London for lectures on literature set texts.

Those who enjoy Latin in the Sixth Form go on to a wide variety of specialisms at university. Classics is one of those, of course, but girls always say how valuable they have found the skills Latin gives them no matter what degree course they choose.

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