Badminton School

Rehearsal, teaching and performance spaces

A growing array of music, art, dance and drama groups and teachers are discovering the benefits of the facilities at Badminton School. Our extensive selection of spaces for creative and performance arts is complemented by the inspiring, individual and immensely convenient location.

We have dedicated, well-equipped spaces for:

  • Art classes, exhibitions and private views
  • Dance classes and performance
  • Drama and theatrical classes and performance
  • Film or photographic location shoots
  • Music classes and performance
  • Photography classes
  • Singing classes and performance

More details on our spaces for creativity and performance are shown below.

Hire can also include facilities beyond the creative arena. For example, outside of Term time, the availability of our Boarding Houses makes Badminton School an ideal venue for residential courses.

Badminton School Events logoWhatever you need, just let us know. The BaSE team are in tune with the requirements of everyone from music teachers and choral societies to drama groups and street-dance clubs.

Email [email protected]
or call on 0117 905 5200


Creative Arts Centre

This lovely light-and-airy space is ideal for art exhibitions and private viewings. It features a generous amount of white wall space for display purposes, with easels and plinths also available for art and sculptural works.

The Centre is located behind a lovely frontage and is within easy access of the car park, making it especially welcoming and convenient for visitors.

Badminton School Creative Arts Centre

Badminton School Creative Arts Centre

Tippett Music Centre

A series of small, sound-proof practice rooms all equipped with pianos are available on the ground floor of the Tippett Music Centre. They are an ideal space for individual or small ensemble rehearsals, or for one-to-one or group teaching.

Upstairs is a larger performance space with excellent acoustics. This is often used by chamber music groups. It also has the scope to accommodate a seated audience of around 30 people, and therefore works equally well for musical performances.

Badminton School Tippet Music Centre

Peace Memorial Hall and Junior School Hall

The Peace Memorial Hall (or PMH, as it is affectionately known) is a space that can comfortably accommodate a seated audience of up to 250. It features a stage, lighting rigs and sound system. It is a great venue for performance, theatrical and dance events.

The smaller Junior School Hall seats up to 100. It too has a stage and is well suited to smaller dramatic or performance events.

Badminton School Peace Memorial Hall