Badminton School

Our Community

The community at Badminton grows out of what we have in common: our love of learning, our urge to try new things and our enjoyment of the everyday pleasures of being together. Coming to Badminton is like being welcomed by an extended family. Everyone is included, from girls and their parents to current and former staff, governors, guardians, alumnae and friends.

Badminton’s community doesn’t stop at the end of the Sixth Form, and it goes far beyond the School gates. A powerful community is something its members want to be a part of forever: Badminton girls carry their fondness for the School with them long after they leave the classroom. A powerful community draws new people in: at Badminton, parents and friends of the School join us to celebrate every milestone. A powerful community doesn’t need its members to be the same: at Badminton, we set aside stereotypes and encourage girls to become strong and happy individuals. A powerful community builds other communities: Badminton girls learn to go on and contribute to every community they become part of.

At Badminton, I am constantly inspired by my peers and teachers and love being a member of a community that cares about the individuality of each student and draws upon our unique strengths and experiences.

Mollie, Sixth Former

We hope you enjoy finding out more about our community. We’re sorry (but not very…) if we boast about it a little: we’re just so proud of it. Come and see us and experience the Badminton community for yourself!