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Short Stay Programme

I think that Badminton changed me forever. I met people from all over the world... and without realising it; they taught me how the real world works. 

Badminton School’s Short Stay Programme provides pupils with the opportunity to experience life at a leading independent girls’ boarding school, whilst also being based in the city that The Sunday Times voted the best place to live in the UK!

Choose from different Short Stay Programmes ranging from short immersion to a whole year.

In that time, pupils will be fully integrated into the life of the School, whilst also benefiting from a tailored programme designed to ensure that they get the very best out of the stay. This will include provision to enhance their level of English, as well as ensuring that they have plenty of opportunities to develop their academic and social skills-set; all whilst being based in a vibrant Boarding House. At Badminton, we have a proven track record of facilitating genuine opportunities for children of different nationalities to form lasting friendships and to foster their intellectual curiosity. We have also seen the benefit for all pupils involved in accelerating their language acquisition.

Thanks to the kindness of the teachers and educational team, our daughter spent a wonderful time at Badminton. She returned home with many unforgettable memories, she significantly progressed in English and made new friends.

Parents of short stay pupil, France

We have a Short Stay Coordinator, who is a Sixth Form tutor and Latin teacher at Badminton and her role is to ensure that pupils have every opportunity to gain the most benefit from their short stay with us.

Should you require any further information about any of our Short Stays Programmes, or would like more information about Badminton School, please do contact our Admissions Team by email or by calling +44 (0) 117 9055 200.

Watch Paula, a German short stay student, telling us why she enjoyed her stay at Badminton School.

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BERTHA: One Full Year Short Stay in the Sixth Form

One Full Year Short Stay
Sixth Form

English version:

Personally, I think that Badminton changed me forever. I never imagined the huge impact that Badminton would have. I met people from all over the world and without realising it, they taught me how the real world works. At Badminton, teachers truly care about your future. There is always somebody there for you that can help you or just listen to you; a teacher, a friend or a member of the boarding staff.

I learned that we have different points of view that are nurtured by our cultures and that although we think differently, everyone’s opinion counts; it does not matter which country you come from. Personally and academically, Badminton has taught me the necessary things I needed to begin my own journey in life.

It might sound strange, but Badminton taught me how to 'think'. At the beginning of the year, my mind used to function completely different to how it does now. Badminton taught me how to make my own judgement but at the same time I learned how to criticise my own thoughts. Badminton motivated me to follow my dreams and to create new ones. I experienced things that if it were not for the support of the School, I would never have had the opportunity to experience.

Spanish version:

En lo personal siento que Badminton me cambió para siempre. Nunca me imaginé el gran impacto que tendría en mi vida. Conocí a gente de otras culturas no solo gente inglesa, que sin darse cuenta me enseñaron cómo funciona el mundo realmente, en esta escuela a los maestros les interesa y les preocupa que aprendas que te vaya bien en la vida de la misma manera que a ti te preocupa y te interesa tu futuro. Siempre hay alguien ahí para ti ya sea un maestro, una amiga, o algún miembro de la boarding House.

Aprendí que todos tenemos distintos puntos de vista que son influenciados por nuestras distintas culturas y aunque pensemos de modo diferente, cada opinión vale; no importa el país de origen. Badminton me ha preparado para mi futuro tanto personalmente como de forma académica,.

Quizás suene raro, pero Badminton me enseñó a 'pensar'. Al principio del año, pensaba de una manera completamente diferente que ahora. En Badminton aprendí a juzgar y a criticar mis propios pensamientos. Me motivó a realizar mis deseos y crear nuevos sueños. Tuve experiencias únicas que nunca habría tenido si no hubiera sido por el apoyo del colegio.

ATHINA: One Full Term Short Stay in Year 9

One Full Term Short Stay
Year 9

English version:

I decided to spend a Term in a British school to improve my English, to discover a new way of life and to try the British curriculum. I chose Badminton because it was easy to access for my parents and I thought that the experience of the Boarding House and of a girls school would be very rewarding for me.

Being in a girls school has taught me that we are all equal and that women can do the same things as men. I discovered a new way of teaching that is practical and fun. I think that I have improved my English a lot. Even if it is sometimes still a little bit tricky for me to write in English, I feel very confident when I am speaking and I am not afraid to be judged by people. During my stay I learned to adapt to different situations, for example, sharing a room, being away from home and being in an environment where I cannot speak my native language.

French version:

J’ai décidé de passer un trimestre dans une école britannique afin d’améliorer mon anglais, de découvrir un nouveau mode de vie et d’essayer le système scolaire anglais. J’ai choisi Badminton car c’était facile d’accès pour mes parents et je savais que fréquenter un internat et une école de filles allait être une expérience enrichissante pour moi.

Suivre des cours dans une école de filles m’a appris que nous sommes tous égaux et que les femmes peuvent accomplir les mêmes choses que les hommes. J’ai découvert une nouvelle manière d’enseigner qui est pratique et amusante. Je pense que j’ai beaucoup amélioré mon anglais. Même s’il est parfois un peu difficile pour moi d’écrire en anglais, je suis à l’aise quand je parle et je n’ai pas peur d’être jugée par mes pairs. Pendant mon séjour j’ai appris à m’adapter à différentes situations, par exemple en partageant une chambre, en étant loin de chez moi et en évoluant dans un environnement où je devais parler une langue autre que ma langue maternelle.

VIRGINIA: One Month Short Stay in Year 8

One Month Short Stay
Year 8

English version:

When I arrived I was amazed at the fantastic welcome. I found the lessons very fun and engaging. Every single teacher has spent time explaining the Short Stay Programme to me and I found it a very nice thing!

Italian version:

Quando sono arrivata  sono rimasta stupita dalla fantastica accoglienza. Ho trovato le lezioni molto divertenti e interessanti. Tutti gli insegnanti si sono dimostrati molto disponibili nel spiegarmi il programma di questo soggiorno di studio che, secondo me, e’ un’ esperienza molto positiva!

NINA: One Month Short Stay in Year 8

One Month Short Stay
Year 8

English version:

I have really enjoyed being back at Badminton, I came here two years ago to study and am happy to be back again. This month has been fun and has gone fast. Thank you everybody for your support.

Russian version:

Я былa очень счастливa вернуться в Бадминтон, я приехалa сюда два года назад, чтобы учиться, и я счастливa вернуться снова. Этот месяц прошел весело и быстро. Спасибо всем за вашу поддержку.