Badminton School

Computer Science

The Computing Department at Badminton provides pupils with a good balance in both computing and ICT skills. We use the latest exciting software such as Scratch and Kodu to introduce coding concepts where the emphasis is on making learning fun as girls learn how to create their own computer games. Later they move on to produce their own text based coding programming languages such as Python to solve a variety of real world problems.

Girls also have the opportunity to enhance their ICT skills where they gain experience using packages such as Photoshop and Fireworks to perform digital editing and Flash to create their own animations and Dreamweaver and HTML to make their own websites. The more traditional ICT skills such as Spreadsheets and Databases are also studied to give girls a good all round background in computing.

The curriculum is very topical using real-life scenarios wherever possible as girls learn vital transferable skills when problem solving. The latest software makes learning fun and engaging with girls also taught how to use technology responsibly.

The computing suite is very heavily used outside lessons, by individuals and by our clubs and societies, and our Digital Explorers Club encourages girls to have fun with coding while experimenting and sharing ideas.  


At GCSE, girls learn to program computer applications and they also develop independent research tasks while finding out about how computers function, data storage and processing, connections and communication.

Much of the course is focussed on problem-solving and sequencing of instructions, giving those with strong mathematical and logical abilities the chance to deploy their skills and apply theoretical knowledge to real-world problems.

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