Badminton School

Our Vision and Values

We are proud of our statement of Vision and Values and we work hard to make sure that the qualities we describe shape everything that we do. We offer a bespoke education for each girl with an emphasis on holistic learning and a culture of care and support.

It could well be said that Badminton’s current and former pupils say more about us than any statement ever can.

They are all Badmintonians, and if they sound like an unusual mix, then we’re delighted.

Our Vision
Badminton provides the best preparation for girls living and working in a global society.
Our Values
We pride ourselves on a culture of mutual respect and tolerance, underpinned by a strong sense of integrity. We challenge our pupils to be the best they can and to be intellectually curious. We encourage contribution from pupils to every aspect of the School. We value integration highly and ensure this is set in a context of responsibility and mutual support. Above all we ensure the community has a good sense of fun!
Our Aims

To provide an education which nurtures intellectual curiosity and which is challenging and fun, balancing academic excellence with fulfilment of individual potential in the arts, sport and co-curricular activities. 

Badminton offers a holistic educational experience - academic excellence is achieved through teaching and learning in ways that are challenging and fun. Beyond the great resources, the passion of the staff, coupled with their knowledge of each individual, allow girls to thrive academically and socially. The emphasis is on development of skills to support independent learning and encouragement to follow a personalised programme. Sports and creative skills are integral to the curriculum, giving girls a broad outlook and skill set.

To provide pastoral care which teaches respect and tolerance for the whole community and requires each girl to take responsibility for herself and others. To create opportunities for every girl to make a contribution to the well-being of the School and engage in genuine mutual support.

Badminton has a strong community – the size of the School coupled with emphasis on excellent pastoral care creates a supportive environment where each girl has the confidence to develop into the person that she wants to be. There is no scope for anonymity and the respectful relationships ensure not only that the girls are mutually supportive, but also that staff and girls work collaboratively to tackle issues. The combination of small Form Groups and boarding in a progression of age group areas coupled with the mixed age competitive Houses allows strong friendship within and across year groups.

The international mindset of the School aims to create an awareness of the needs and concerns of society at local, national and global levels.

Badminton looks outwards – community service, educational outreach and charitable work, for charities in this country and abroad, have always been a commitment and ensure that Badminton plays a role in its local community. Opportunities to contribute give the girls a sense of responsibility and awareness of others.  There has also always been an international outlook, with a long history of exchanges with schools in other countries, as well as boarders from around the world. This gives an appreciation of diversity and starts to develop a global awareness.

Badmintonians leave the School as curious, confident and courteous individuals who will thrive in a competitive, global society.

Badminton creates Badmintonians – who are curious, confident and courteous, but are otherwise all distinctively individual. They are well equipped to face a competitive and rapidly changing world, to thrive in a global society and to make a difference in their chosen field. They are also extremely proud of their School and their continuing role in its community.

Badminton respects the past and looks to the future, ensuring good stewardship of the Badminton name, the campus and the School’s world-class reputation.

Badminton respects the past and looks to the future – with a long history, Badminton is keen to remain a leading girls’ boarding school. By aiming to access the best academic opportunities, excellent pastoral support and up-to-date facilities, Badminton’s stewardship of its name and beautiful campus, with its historic buildings and green spaces, is ensured.