Badminton School

Science Outreach

The Science Outreach Programme at Badminton is a force to be reckoned with. Receiving national recognition and attending some of the most high-profile science events in the UK, the Team and their reputation in the science world are booming.

Girls from Year 10 – Sixth Form have the opportunity to join the Science Outreach Team and take part in presenting their flagship shows and workshops including ‘Is a Grape Magnetic?’ (a set of demonstrations based around various magnetic phenomena, including the use of  superconductors) and ‘Physics in the Freezer’ (using liquid nitrogen to show how material can change their behaviour at very low temperatures) to a huge range of people from school children to professional scientists.

You can find the Science Outreach Team captivating national audiences in The Physics Pavilion at WOMAD Festival (run by the Institute of Physics, CERN and The University of Lancaster), at the Cheltenham Science Festival, at Big Bang science fairs around the country and at the Festivals of Physics in Plymouth and Bristol. They also visit around 25 local Prep and Primary Schools each year, positively engaging the younger generation by getting hands-on with science. In turn, our girls are inspiring and promoting a love of the subject and becoming role models for both younger children, particularly girls, and their peers, within Badminton and beyond. 

With gender barriers and stereotypes non-existent at Badminton, our Science Outreach Programme is not only achieving recognition and respect from key professional bodies in the field, but firmly puts a stake in the ground for women excelling in STEM; something we are distinctly proud of.

Read our two papers published in the peer reviewed Institute of Physics Journal ‘Physics Education’:

Demonstrating the Curie temperature in the classroom (co-written by the girls!)

Producing liquid oxygen in the classroom (girls acknowledged for helping prepare the article)