Badminton School

Admission for 13+ and 14+

Admission to Year 9 and Year 10

The first step is registration, our deadlines for entry in September 2024 are below. If you are interested in any other entry point please contact the Admissions Team for advice.

Our Registration deadlines are:

  • Boarding Registration: Monday 16 October 2023
  • Day Girl Registration: Accepted all year round, but Monday 16 October to be included in the first round of results
  • Scholarship Application and Registration: Monday 16 October 2023

Please select the appropriate form to register your daughter:

Junior and Senior Day Girl Form

Junior and Senior Boarder Form

The outcome of all on-time applications will be issued on Monday 4 December 2023.

Entrance Exams for Applicants in the UK

Entrance Assessments for admission in September 2024 will be held at Badminton on Wednesday 15 November 2023 and Scholarship Assessments on Thursday 16 November 2023. All girls take examinations in English and Mathematics along with an online Cognitive Ability Test. Each girl will also have an interview with a senior member of staff. In addition, references are obtained from the girl’s current school. Information on the Scholarship Assessment is included in the Application Form.

Entrance Exams for Applicants Overseas

Our preferred entrance test is the UKISET, this needs to be taken before Tuesday 31 October 2023 to be considered in the first round of results. If overseas candidates have met the initial assessment criteria, they will be invited for an interview with a senior member of staff via video conference. Alternatively, girls can choose to sit Badminton’s entrance examinations at a small number of selected test centres around the world on Wednesday 15 November 2023.

If overseas applicants wish to apply for a Scholarship, Badminton entrance exams must be taken and in some instances the Scholarship Assessment will only take place at the School. Please click here to contact our Admissions Team for more details.

Register for UKISET here

Scholarships for Year 9

Scholarships and Awards, which carry remission on fees, are available and awarded to girls with particular talents. Assessments are taken at the same time as the entrance exams. Scholarships available are: Academic, Art, Music, STEM and Sport as well as an All-Rounder Award.

For further information and to apply, please click here: Scholarships and Awards.

Applications must be submitted by Monday 16 October 2023 in addition to completing the online Registration Form.

Click here to contact the Admissions Team if you have any questions.

To view key dates and information on entrance exams, scholarships and more, please click one of the options below:

Admission to the Junior School

Admission for 11+ and 12+

Admission to the Sixth Form