Badminton School

The 1858 Society

We are delighted to introduce The 1858 Society, established in recognition of all past and future benefactors of Badminton School.  At Badminton, we take enormous pride in our vibrant history which spans more than 160 years, and we strive to ensure that Badminton continues to evolve and grow, offering the highest possible academic standards with state-of-the-art learning facilities. Our vision requires philanthropic support and can only be achieved with the generosity and endorsement of our Alumnae and friends of the school.

By remembering Badminton in your Will, you can both acknowledge the influences that have shaped your life and secure the future strength of Badminton School for generations to come.

A legacy is one of the most influential ways in which you can help to ensure the future of Badminton School, where your philanthropy will have a lasting and direct effect on future generations of Badmintonians. To recognise and thank you for your support, you will be invited to become a member of The 1858 Society.

All members are invited to a number of special events throughout the year. The 1858 Society aims to make you feel an integral part of Badminton School, recognising your contribution towards its successful future. These events are expected to increase as more Old Badmintonians consider legacies and bequests to their alma mater.

With your generous support we can continue to provide the finest of opportunities for teaching and learning to pupils of Badminton School.

Thank you in advance for your time and consideration.

Download The 1858 Society Brochure