Badminton School

Bartlett House

Bartlett House is set at the very heart of the School and is a warm and welcoming home for our youngest Boarders in Years 5 - 8 (ages 9 - 12).

Cosy dorm rooms accommodate either three or four girls. Bartlett has its own living rooms for the girls to relax in, all fully equipped with games, books, a DVD library, art and crafts supplies and even a dressing up box!

There is a separate music room for girls to practice in, a quiet room, an arts and crafts room and a kitchenette that the girls can use to make snacks.

Girls have supervised access to computers in the House which can be used for homework, games and to speak to their families via Skype.

We do understand that girls and parents might be daunted by the thought of boarding at this stage. We very much recommend that girls come and try a taster night to find out how much life in Bartlett gives the mixture of freedom and support that enables girls to grow up in their own time. Bartlett’s Housemistress, Deputy Housemistress and two Resident Tutors are experts in recognising the needs of the girls and all live in the House to provide dedicated support in a family environment.

Weekends are full of activities both in School and outside. Bartlett has its own Gardening Club and there are also bicycles so that girls can learn cycling proficiency. There are frequent trips out of School: Thorpe Park, Bristol Aquarium and We The Curious are particular favourites. Younger girls are always escorted whenever they leave the School grounds but the Year 8 girls enjoy a little more independence and can take the short walk, in groups, to the local high street to visit the shops and spend their pocket money.