Badminton School

History of Art

History of Art can be taken as Pre-U course at Badminton and no prior knowledge is required beyond a strong interest in Art. There are links between History of Art and the study of History, Literature and Drama.

Our teaching approach focuses on essay writing, presentations and independent research and we consider composition, style and subject in works of art.  In the Sixth Form, we look at the History of Western Art from ancient Greece and Rome to the twentieth century. Girls learn about changes in style and technique and also about how patronage or political events influenced each period. At the end of Upper Sixth, there are three examinations.

Girls studying Pre-U Art History take an analytical approach to studies in western and non-western Art based on 40 selected examples, as well as focusing on aspects of history and art history themes through time – from ancient Greece to the 21st century. They will also look at thematic topics like City in Art and Architecture or Landscape, as well as do a personal investigation.

Badminton girls very often continue their study of History of Art at University level, going on to some of the best British universities. The Pre-U is specifically designed to prepare pupils for the kind of independent study and self-directed learning that they will encounter at university, and it is recognised and favoured by top universities in the UK and internationally. Those who pursue degrees in other areas say that their study of History of Art helps them to continue enjoying art in museums and galleries and beyond.