Badminton School

History of Art

History of Art is an academic subject for those who are interested in the visual world, its language and its context. It is taught as a two year A Level qualification in the Sixth Form at Badminton School.

In studying painting, sculpture and architecture from a range of cultures and periods, students who follow this course will develop an understanding of, and the ability to undertake effective visual analysis. This visual literacy is developed by building knowledge and understanding of key terminology, and the ability to analyse and interpret the choices made by artists in their art.

The study of art in its historical and contemporary forms gives students crucial knowledge of world civilisations. It teaches visual and analytical skills that can be applied in many walks of life and the tools to understand how images and objects work to shape our social and political identities. Art History develops a wide range of skills and uses a range of methodologies. Through observation, description and critical analysis of images students learn to discuss the media, techniques and formal qualities of painting, sculpture and architecture using specialist vocabulary, as well as recognise the features of individual and historical styles. Students are required to research independently, contribute to class discussions and debates, give presentations and submit essays.

The course culminates in two written exams each worth 50% of the overall qualification.

Those wishing to study architecture post Sixth Form will find this course exceptionally useful in increasing their knowledge of architectural styles, issues of form and function, as well as expanding their architecture specific vocabulary. The study of Art History complements many other subjects, English Literature, History, Modern Languages, Latin, Philosophy and Ethics and Art in particular.