Badminton School

St Monica Trust

Badminton School warmly invites members of St Monica Trust to join our community events.

A programme of opportunities have been created to provide a mix of creative, cultural and educational activities and events that we offer members of St Monica Trust to attend.

Keep an eye out for changes to our Events page and for announcements about new events on our social media pages!

Events open to the St Monica Trust residents, as well as the general public, include our Art Department's workshops, Drama Department's plays, Music Department's concerts as well as a variety of our fairs, bazaars etc.

Inspiring Lecture Series

At Badminton we are committed to enriching our students with awareness of the wider world that they can expect when they leave our School. We are therefore fortunate enough to attract some incredibly exciting and insightful speakers of numerous disciplines and professions to come and talk to us.

These lectures are particularly applicable to students in the Sixth Form, but we do try to accommodate talks for younger ages as often as is possible. We hope that you will be equally enthused to attend these events, and of course participate in the healthy debates they generate if you so desire.