Badminton School

The Middle School (14 - 16)

The Middle School incorporates Years 9, 10 and 11, the all-important GCSE years.

At Badminton, girls usually take ten GCSEs. All girls are required to study Maths and English Language/Literature and three sciences. They can then take four options from a list of thirteen subjects:

We strongly encourage girls to take at least one language and one humanities subject, but we are not rigidly prescriptive about options, and we work carefully with each girl to ensure the right balance of subjects to play to their strengths, needs and interests. We know that GCSE profile and grades matter enormously to universities, so we are always mindful of keeping the right options open for girls when it comes to the next stage of their academic lives. As a small school, we are fortunate to be able to frame our subject timetable around the subject choices the girls make.

Badminton education has shaped my work ethic. We worked so hard but we were also conscious of the importance of having a balanced lifestyle.

Justine Hung, Old Badmintonian

Year 9 is a pivotal time in which the girls begin to finalise their GCSE subject choices. They talk through options with their Tutors, Teachers and Parents and with girls in the years above them, and they also have an interview with the Head of Middle School to ensure that they are fully supported and confident in their decisions.

Some core subjects start their GCSE syllabuses in Year 9 alongside introducing new subjects such as Food & Nutrition, we also focus on learning skills. Year 9 is a popular entry point and the wellbeing of the girls, including smooth integration of new girls is of the utmost importance.

In September we spend time at Charterhouse Activity Centre in the Mendips where the girls can enjoy caving, abseiling and orienteering and other activities to foster teamwork and respect. This trip also pays dividends in improving the girls’ tolerance, tenacity and confidence as they step outside their comfort zone; all invaluable skills.

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